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Proverbs are butterflies; some are caught, other escape.

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A proverb from India Telugu.
The rich man will feed the rich man, and the poor man will feed the rich man.

A proverb from Mexico.
The hero’s tomb is the cradle of the people.

A proverb from Germany.
He who lies under the table, get kicked.

A proverb from Spain.
Blue eyes say, love me or I die; black eyes say, love me or I kill thee.

A proverb from Iceland.
It is not easy to steal when the land-lord is a thief.

A proverb from Holland.
A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.

A proverb from Italy Latin.
Man without woman is head without body; woman with man is body without head

A proverb from Serbia.
The ruler proclaims the good new himself, he sent the servant out to announce the bad news.

A proverb from Italy.
The buyer has a need of a hundred eyes, the seller of but one.

A proverb from India Hindi.
No one ever ruined by speaking the truth.

A proverb from Chile.
He who becomes irritated has two fold works- to be irritated and be quit of his irritation.

A proverb from Peru.
In the middle of the river, do not change houses.

A proverb from Germany.
When a man is born, he cries and others laugh; when he dies he smiles and others cry.

A proverb from China.
Even a bad coin must have two sides.

A proverb from Italy.
A woman’s clothes are the price of her husband’s peace.

A proverb from Spain.
Past services are like old debts; very few are ever paid.

A proverb from Serbia.
Advice after misfortune is like medicine after death.

A proverb from France.
The man is not escaped who still drags his chain after him.

A proverb from America.
Good are sought after, bad things are found.

A proverb from Nigeria.
When a mouse laugh at a cat, there is a hole nearby.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
He who lies for you will lie about you.

A proverb from Slovakia Czechoslovakia.
The more the path is beaten, the safer it is.

A proverb from Arab Proverb
A change is as good as a rest.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
A learned man without work is a cloud without rain.

A proverb from India China.
If there is falsity in a proverb, then milk can be sour.

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