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Proverbs are butterflies; some are caught, other escape.

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A proverb from Sweden.
When the blind man carries the lame, both go forward.

A proverb from Russia.
Forbidden goods find many buyers.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
God bless him who pays visits -- short visits.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
Forgiveness is more satisfying than revenge.

A proverb from Spain.
A nightingale will cease to sing before a woman is in want of words

A proverb from Czechoslovakia.
It is not the thief who is hanged but the one who was caught stealing.

A proverb from Greece.
Sound mind in sound body.

A proverb from Hungary.
Drink nothing without seeing it, sigh nothing without reading it.

A proverb from Italy.
Advice is a stranger; if welcomes he stays for the night; if not welcome, he returns home the same day.

A proverb from Serbia.
Advice after misfortune is like medicine after death.

A proverb from Argentina.
He who flings water in a jar spills more than he collects.

A proverb from Serbia.
with truth one goes everywhere, even in the prison.

A proverb from India Bengali.
The sight of a horse makes the traveler lame.

A proverb from Russia.
What was hard to bear is sweet to remember.

A proverb from Turkey.
A listener needs more intelligence than a speaker.

A proverb from America
Any fool may make money, but it takes a wise a wise man to keep it.

A proverb from Serbia.
The first fears the husband, the husband fears the second.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
Doubt is the key to all knowledge.

A proverb from Germany.
When a man is born, he cries and others laugh; when he dies he smiles and others cry.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
A sponge to wipe away the past; a rose to sweeten the present; a kiss to greet the future.

A proverb from Japan.
A sorrow is an itching place which is made worse by scratching.

A proverb from China.
He who tell about my fault is my teacher; he who tell me of my virtues does me harm.

A proverb from Germany.
Weeping bride, laughing wife; laughing bride, weeping wife.

A proverb from Mexico.
The lair tumbles much sooner than the lame man.

A proverb from Thailand Siamese.
Little is spend with difficulty, much with ease.

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