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Sri Lankan's covert rocket program.

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India's rocket program is funded by exporting cannabis to Sri Lanka (SL).

Here's how it works.

Sri Lankan's are stupid enough to embrace colonial rule and make cannabis illegal.
Instead of the SL government taxing and marketing the endemic plant of the country they follow British law.
How stupid is it to make a tree illegal anyway?
So the crop is incinerated by the SL police while their is a shortage for the Ayurvedic faculty in SL.
India smuggles their crop to SL earning them foreign exchange for their rocket program.
Else, how can it explain its rocket program while receiving foreign aid and the country's image is slumdog millionaire?

When SL can't handle the envy, jealousy and heartburn of India's success.
To bring India's rocket program to a stop all SL need do is legalize cannabis in SL.


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