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A proverb from Japan.
Branches of willow-trees are never broken by snow.

A proverb from Cuba.
Never show teeth unless you can bite.

A proverb from Arab Proverbs.
He who wants to sell his honor will always find a buyer.

A proverb from Slovakia Czechoslovakia.
The more the path is beaten, the safer it is.

In total 541 Idioms.

A idioms from
The most discussed question at a particular time; the question of the hour is who will be president.

A idioms from
Reach a climax or crisis; -as Matters came to a head with the arrest of the kingpin.

A idioms from
To cease or stop moving; the log of wood came to rest on the seashore.

A idioms from
See if one has an aptitude for something by attempting it he joined carpentry classes to try his hand.

More Proverbs & Idioms

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