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In total 691 Proverbs.

A proverb from Russia.
Yeast added once will go on fermenting.

A proverb from Malta.
Blessed be the man who has friends, but woe to him who needs them

A proverb from America.
The ass can swim in seven ways, but when he sees water, he forgets them all.

A proverb from China.
To plan affairs rest with man; to complete affairs rests with heaven.

In total 541 Idioms.

A idioms from
Be sparing or cautions; the angry mother was asked to go easy on her child who was stealing money from home.

A idioms from
All individually and collectively; -as when the office organized a picnic, all and sundry were present.

A idioms from
To undergo; to experience ; the widow is pass through a crisis with three children and no job

A idioms from
Not waste any time; – He lost no time in completing his assignment.

More Proverbs & Idioms

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