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A proverb from Germany.
Yes and no are small words that produce great things.

A proverb from Denmark.
However great the tide, it ebbs.

A proverb from Japan.
A candle by consuming itself, gives light to other.

A proverb from China.
There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.

In total 541 Idioms.

A idioms from
Limit of tolerance or controllable vexation; – The student back answering the teacher was the last straw.

A idioms from
At the end of one’s endurance the patient was on his last legs, desperately waiting to be discharged.

A idioms from
Reveal intentions; the child gave the game away by the telling everyone about the surprise party.

A idioms from
Having progressed one step further; – "I am one jump ahead of him in mathematics".

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