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Since I started live video streaming on YouTube, Facebook and on a internet webpage I have had a few people ask me the same question over and over agian. How did you do it. The answer is simple, its UStream Producer visirt http://www.ustream.tv

You will need to download the software from http://www.ustream.tv
You have the option of buying the UStream Producer Pro version or downloading the free version
Follow the necessary steps and accept the terms and conditions

UStream Producer Signup screen

I have noticed that when installing the software on a Mac computer. You run into more issues.

"cannot connect to the rtmp/flash version at given ip address. verify the server is rechable at the given address. [-4018]"

U stream Producer

If you run into troble you might want to change some settings. Start - Control Panel - Internet option - Security and drop-down the level . If necessary under privacy Accept all cookies. You can reset these values once up and running.

Problem and solutions, Error Messages when Try to start broadcasting for click here for PC - Mac and download Flash player

For the strangest reason patients helps. You might want to wait till all systems green. I belive Ustream needs time setting you on the server.

You can find more help at http://www.ustream.tv/forum and at Youtube or you can contact me at PattOs Atelier help desk.

U stream Producer

Your internet interface to Ustream

U stream Producer

UStream Producer on Desktop (Login)

U stream Producer

UStream Producer on Desktop

U stream Producer

UStream Producer account feathuers

Good luck and have fun.


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